Super Glue

A cross between Afghani and Northern Lights, Superglue inherits Indica growth patterns along with a sweet caramel and pine aroma. Superglue brings calming relaxation to the mind and body, but leaves you functional and energetic enough for social activities or a productive afternoon.

Blue Kabul [Stinky Farmz]

Humboldt Seeds " Blue Kabul " aka (OG/Afghan x Platinum Yeti F2)

Black Cherry Kola

This Indica strain has a distinct cherry flavor and aroma, with sweet notes of berry and a fuel taste. The buds are a light green color with occasional splotches of purple and a thick frosting of resinous trichomes. THC concentration is high in the strain, coming in at more than 21% in some tests. The high is body-centered, promoting deep relaxation and peaceful sleep. It's best used at night, given its powerful sedative qualities and couch-lock effects.